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Why paisley print could be a wonderful look for your child

by Camilla Ridley

Why paisley print could be a wonderful look for your child

our lovely lola-rose jumpsuit in striking new paisley Liberty print 
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Here at milliemanu, we’re always on the lookout for the latest style trends to inform our designer children’s clothes, and as any designer or admirer of great design will know, inspiration can often come from the most seemingly unlikely places. Such is the case with the trend that is the subject of today’s blog post!

The trend that we’re talking about is, of course, paisley print, which you may not exactly associate with children’s clothing. Indeed, many of us probably still think of it as the reserve of Woodstock-attending hippies!

Paisley pattern is a firmly ‘now’ fashion

Well, if you think the same way, it’s time to get up to date, as paisley print is one of the trends to have hit the catwalks in recent years as part of the wider ‘70s sartorial revival. More to the point, it can also make for a great look for your children, as demonstrated by our many designer children’s clothes that draw upon this pattern, including our Lola Rose Playsuits, Lulu shorts and popular rara skirts. 

Type ‘paisley print trend’ into Google and a host of articles will spring up, showing how wearers of this pretty pattern can really make an entrance.

Indeed, in the adult fashion world of recent years, this eye-catching heritage print has been used for everything from slim-fit trousers and off-the-shoulder playsuits to billowing dresses and tasselled bikinis.

Nor has its influence only permeated the female fashion world, as such major menswear designers as Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Gucci and Katie Eary have all demonstrated on some of the latest catwalks.

striking paisley garments by leading designers including Stella McCartney, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith

Paisley pattern has a fascinating history. Having originated in Persia, the intricate print and luxurious woven silk fabrics were adopted by the Victorians as a symbol of status, exotic exploration and travel. As popularity grew, the pattern was quickly replicated somewhat closer to home – including the Scottish town of Paisley after which it is named. It’s popularity surged again in the 1960’s as the bold floral forms helped to define an open minded generation determined to challenge stuffy social and fashion conventions. And the patterns strong links with the exotic perfectly embodied the spiritual values and mysticism favoured by the original boho generation.

invest in quintessentially British designer children’s clothes

Here at milliemanu, we have really embraced the paisley trend across our collection of designer children’s clothes. As well as being incredibly pretty and lending a boho edge to this season’s collection of sun tops and playsuits, paisley symbolises something far deeper. In today’s increasingly politically and socially divided world, we wanted to create a collection inspired by the open mindedness, global outlook and spirituality of previous generations. Values we believe are inherently British as well as vital to pass onto our children.

And, judging by its recent resurgence in the world of fashion, it seems that the look will be a style staple of the future, too!

So, why not take your chance today to purchase on-trend paisley print dresses, playsuits and skirts, for your own children from a proudly British fashion label that uses only the finest natural fabrics?


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our new paisley Liberty print daisy swimsuit
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our new paisley Liberty print lulu shorts
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