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spookily great coats to keep your little devil warm this halloween

by Camilla Ridley

By now most of us, as parents, have not only accepted but have fully embraced the ritual of donning our children as sinister creatures of the night- accompanying them on their annual pilgrimage round the neighbours in honour of Diabetes, the Greek goddess of sugar.

Of course, no year is without the preliminary arguments- usually about which costume to wear- the makeup that is off limits or on which road we will descend. We have; however, addressed one repeated issue. I refer to the issue of the coat. There is no capitulation on our part- cold weather demands a coat and there is no costume immune to its encasement.

Enter- the matching coat from milliemanu, because every creative Halloween costume has a complimentary coat for the occasion. For as we explain to our children, the costume and the coat have a symbiotic relationship. Living in perfect harmony, they are the yin and the yang, the bangers and mash, quite literally the gin and tonic of vestments. Suffice to say that on the 31st October, one doesn’t leave the house without the other and we make it easy for you with suggested pairings from our new tweed winter children's coat collection and our picks of the most stylish costumes we’ve spotted this year.

the green witch

Witches of the green variety possess wisdom and kindness in equal measure. Respected for their unique and experimental brews, these sorceress are the best at looking into the future. For the girl who loves emeralds, our tweed Orla coat in green with faux fur collar will bewitch all in her path. 


our beautifully made orla children's coat comes in emerald green tweed and features a faux fur collar and liberty print lining 
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the purple witch

The purple witch is known to be more receptive to change. Both eccentric and capricious, she’s also a loyal friend. We think she’ll rock our Orla coat in magenta made of Scottish tweed with faux collar and contrasting liberty print lining.


our orla children's coat also comes in striking magenta tweed with a faux fur collar and liberty print lining 
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the she devil

The she devil has always been misunderstood. Intelligent and insightful, this lady in red is a heart breaker. She looks her best in our red check Orla coat with Liberty print under collar and collar facing.


new for this season our orla winter children's coat comes in a striking red check tweed with a faux fur collar and liberty print lining
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the skeletal zombie bride

No party is complete without the entrance of the all loved skeletal zombie bride. She knows how to work the room. Confident and agile, she’s often found throwing shapes on the dance floor. Our black check oral coat fits her like a glove. Even skin and bones will be kept warm in this coat of 100% Scottish wool.milliemanu-black-and-white-tweed-orla-winter-childrens-coat-faux-fur-collar-and-liberty-print-lining

new for this season our orla winter children's coat also comes in a striking black check tweed with a faux fur collar and liberty print lining
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beautifully made in England using the finest natural materials and tailoring

And the best news is that all of our heritage style children's coats are made in England from the finest natural materials using traditional tailoring techniques. So this means they can be customised for a perfect fit. Our milliemanu tweed winter children's coats will make a stylish statement on bonfire night, are perfect for the party season and beyond. So why not take a look at our fabulous children's winter coat collection.

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Size guide

Age Height (cm) Waist (cm)
12 months 80 48
18 months 86 49
2 years 92 52
3 years 98 50
4 years 104 51
5 years 110 53
6 years 116 55
7 years 122 56.5
8 years 128 58
9 years 134 60
10 years 140 62

Every milliemanu garment is cut and crafted to the dimensions listed above. Due to their individually made nature, measurements may vary subtly between pieces. Hem and sleeve lengths are unique to each garment style and can be customised to your measurements for a more individual fit.